Forever Beta

An award winning creative and innovation agency needs a cutting edge website

Who are Forever Beta?

Forever Beta is astrategic, award-winning integrated creative + innovation agency. Forever Beta help brands with the immediate needs of today, while strategically planning for the opportunities of tomorrow.

I was hired as a Freelance UX Designer to work on Google projects. As the agency was rapidly expanding they wanted to rebrand the agency and assert their place in the industry firmly distinguishing themeselves from the old guard of big London agencies.

The Goal

There are 4 goals that the newly designed website would need to be achieve to be deemed a success.

  • The website needed to be mobile responsive.

  • The website needed to generate leads (new business).

  • The website needed to showcase the personality of the agency.

  • The website needed to contain contact details for the NYC office as well as the London office.

The Approach

Sticking to goals

I always capture the core business goals of my client before I start sketching. This keeps me in check when I design the prototype. I knew that the Forever Beta website would need to showcase rich content and would need to feel cinematic.

Websites are the first touch point for all potential business leads. In reality I belivee an unconscious decision by a potential business lead to work with an agency is made via the website. I felt it was a priority to make contacting Forever Beta a seamless process. I delved into the core principles of service design to create effective contact forms that would enable future Forever Beta clients to reach out and get in touch.

In order to increase return visitors to the site, I decided that a blog was needed. Blogs are important to build currency with users and will boost the SEO rankings. The good news is that there is always something newsworthy at Forever Beta.

Forever Beta is a top notch creative agency however it also has a tongue and cheek fashion blog called Forever FashionForever Fashion on Tumblr. I felt it was important to incorporate these fun pieces of content as it really showcased the culture of Forever Beta but also distinguished them from more conventional agencies.

I always design mobile first, I sketched mobile modules on paper this time and then I prototyped in a tablet. Why? I hear you ask. The main reason was that I knew it would be a tough sell for stakeholders in the agency if they initially saw the website on a mobile device. Sometimes you have to break the rules to sell in awesome ideas.

The Result

The Forever Beta website launched in the winter of 2015 and the agency has been winning business right, left and centre. It's a testament to my design partner Matt Sewell's impressive design skills of taking my prototoype and working collaboratively to rebrand the agency.

I'm really proud of the new Forever Beta website. The subtle animations and interactions gave this website a unique personality. The fact that the website was mobile responsive opened up a whole new audience to the agency which has generated more new business.