General Assembly

User Experience Design

User Experience Design - 12 week course

The General Assembly course was specifically designed for anyone to be able to move straight into a User Experience Design career. I already had a strong understanding of UX practices from my work as a digital project manager, however I wanted to study the framework of UX, so that I could become a well rounded UX practitioner. As part of the course my classmates and I were set the challenge of developing brand new product from start to finish.

User research

  • Identify problem - Spot a gap in the market or problem with a service.

  • User recruitment - Identify the target audience and recruit potential users.

  • User interviews - Interview, shadow, observe, listen.

  • Competitive analysis - Identify competitors in the market.

  • UX analysis - Identify trends in the user data collated.

  • Persona development - Define the user as a real person.

Persona Development

Experience Maps

Taxonomy Development

Sketching - Lo fidelity scamps

Final Deliverable - Project