Grazia Daily

Revitalising a brand for a new millenium


Grazia Daily, is the online home for the UK's most exciting, talked about weekly magazine. It provides the latest news, thought-provoking opinion pieces, beauty and fashion trends.

The Goal

The website was in dire need of an upgrade as users were slowly gravitating to mobile devices. It became increasingly important to create a fantastic mobile experience as well as engaging with desktop users.

The editorial team were doing a fantastic job but the website was not presenting their work in a way that would be compelling or shareable for users.

The primary goals were as follows.

  • Increase sharing.

  • Increase engagement on mobile devices.

  • Showcase content in a better way.

  • Showcase adverts without disrupting the user experience. (A key business case)

The Approach

A mobile first approach

When designing a mobile responsive website I always take a mobile first approach.

The primary reason for a mobile first approach is that desktop first experiences are nightmarish in terms of retrofitting content into a mobile experience.


It is important to have a firm understanding of the hierarchy when redesigning content based website. It’s imperative to understand the relationships between all of the elements.

I used a lot of the principles of atomic design when creating prototypes for Grazia Daily. What is atomic design I hear you say? You can read all about it here.


Essentially all news based websites have the following pieces of content. Images, video, audio and body text.

  • The article pages are built up of images, video and body text are the building blocks of an article.

  • The category pages are built up of articles that are tagged under a specific category.

  • The homepage is built up of the most relevant and most recent articles.

The Result

Matt Sewell and I worked extremely hard on this project. There were many interations and the prototypes were tested extensively. As we were launching a brand new experience, Matt had the opportunity to update the Grazia Daily brand