A hyperlocal social app

What is Sup?

A hyperlocal social app that alerts users when friends are nearby.

The Goal

The goal was simple. The brief was to create an app that encourage users to get offline and to meet up in person.

The Approach

As always, I started with sketching, sketching and more sketching. There’s no quick route with these projects, it’s about testing and iterating. I developed the idea from a brief I was given in the summer of 2014 and I had a working prototype after 5 days.

I worked very closely with the designer Matt Sewell (Shatteredpanda) and the technical team (Alex Reynier and Leo Ah Kun) for about 4 months after delivering the first prototype. Close collaboration with a dedicated team is the secret to the successful delivery of a project.

The Result

The hard work has given birth to a very successful small start up called Sup. Sup has done amazingly well and has generated a lot of buzz since it’s been released. It’s one of the most successful projects that I’ve worked on. It’s generated a lot of buzz in the press. I’m extremely proud of what we all achieved as a team and it’s a great demonstration of what can be achieved when you have team working closely together as a unit.

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