Work London

Inspiring professionals to work and network in interesting places.

What is Work London?

Work London is a hyperlocal discovery app that helps professionals find the most inspiring places to work around London. The places can range from the trendiest coffee shops to museums to open green spaces within the city. Once the user gets to their desired location they can connect to like minded professionals and collaborate on projects.

The Goal

The goal with this project was to create a companion app that would help professionals get out of the office and find inspirational places around the city. The goals were very simple.

  • Inspire professionals to get out of the office.

  • Connect to like minded professionals that are also hot desking to inspire collaboration.

  • To get professionals excited about working again.

The Approach

Sketching, prototyping and collaborating

From day one, it was obvious that this product was going to be a mobile phone application.

The challenge was to create a fantastic discovery experience that was supported by geo location positioning that would assist the user. This app was going to be primarily a companinion app.

To really capture the opportunities and pitfalls of working in a inpsiring places around London, I observed nomadic workers in London.

Some of the most interesting insights came for watching the buzz around Google Campus in London. I conducted a few user interviews and caputured the main pain points. The major things I discovered was that people wanted to find the wifi code when they arrived at their location. They also wanted to know the opening times of the places, there was no point in being inspired, travelling to a location only to discover the place was closed. From this point onwards we made an executive decision to include as much useful information regarding the location as possible.

The approach was to sketch a few initial thoughts and then quickly start building and iterating on a prototype. By building in a prototype we could get real time feedback from real users and also the designer Matt Sewell could get started with the intricacies of the branding. The magic of working in this way is that there was a really close collaboration which allowed us to deliver fantastic high spec work more efficiently. Over time the User Experience Design and the branding started to influence each other which resulted in a simple user experience with a strong visual identity.

The Result

Work London has since been rebranded to Work Wherever. Work Wherever has been launched in app store and has been a run away success. Forever Beta have annnoucned that the app has become so popular that they are looking to build an Apple Watch version of app.