YouTube for Artists

Empowering musicians to build their careers

What is YouTube for Artists?

YouTube for Artists is a brand new analytics platorm for musicians. YouTube’s Music Insights tool lets artists find out where their fans are so they can plan their next tour around them. This tool will allow artist to grow their audience and build their career.

The Goal

  • To provide artists with accurate analytics that will empower them to engage with their fans.

  • For users to be able search a location and understand the top ranking artists in the area.

  • For users to be able to search by artist and undertand ther top ranking audicence numbers across the globe.

The Approach

Sketching and lo fidelity prototypes

For this project I worked with an excellent team of designers at an agency called Rehabstudio. I was hired for a month and it was intense but a fantasic experience.

My process was to start sketching and gradually increase the detail after each user test. The process was extremely lean and it was very productive way of working

Here are the first sketches.

Here is the lo fidelity prototype.

Here is the hi fidelity prototype.

The Result

YouTube for Artists is a massive success and is continuing to do well. Have a play with the tool and see for yourself. YouTube for Artists.